Classic Portrait Art

“Classical Art is associated with  the artistic principles and rules laid down by centuries of Master Artist Painters and Sculptors all with artistic lineage leading all the way back to the noble Greeks and Romans and their interpretation and formal representation of the human form and the environment in which it exists.

Craft is required to create it, the training required today to be a realist photographer is identical to the training for a painter of the classicism style, the romanticism style or the baroque style. This is so and will never change regardless of the new techniques and tools thrown up by modern technological innervation’s.

Craft is the foundation to Classical Art and Classical art is that which celebrates the human condition and touches us at a level we can easily recognize and resonates the human emotions appealing directly to what we enthusiastically  call the “soul” It presents beauty as mysterious without being obscure therefore it is accessible to everyone not just the few. Admittedly it is far more enjoyable with a little explanation and mild education but never the less it does not suffer from obscurity and random interpretation. Its either beautiful to you or it is not, it either touches you or it does not, either way no one can say that it is not well crafted, for craft is its foundation, without craft it is not classical art.*”

*John Douglas

The Classical Portraiture created at Bella Classic Photography is designed after the Master Painters such as John Singer Sargent and others of the 1800′s to early 1900′s.  This is achieved by creating mood via classical lighting and other acquisitions of the era. The photographic results are those of elegance and simplicity: Classic Personal Portrait Art for your home.